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Alarm Systems & CCTV


We install & maintain, CCTV, Security & Fire Alarm systems to meet every need, Small or large premises, Domestic or Commercial.

Most recently fitted CCTV; Canal Trust Cafe, Bradford on Avon. 10x camera, multi monitor, internet & smartphone viewable!!


Most recently fitted Alarm; Stables, requiring multi entry, 'beam' protection for open spaces and smoke alarms.......all coneted to an auto dialler to Text & speach contact upon activation of Fire or Intruder alerts!!

'Bells Only' or Fully monitored Systems. Wired & Wire-less.






Installers of; mointored intruder alarms, medical alarms, panic alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke detectors, alarm servicing and repairs. Burglar alarms, security systems.